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Innovation Consulting


Innovation is a broad topic, encompassing change management, new technologies, and risk taking. This process can be transformed into a structured approach though, when taking step after step towards the unknown.

We strongly believe in Innovation Outsourcing in order to spark new ideas and concepts away from restrictions, rules and day-to-day work. For our projects we assemble experts with tailored backgrounds and skills. Those carefully selected teams diligently work on your innovation challenge by themselves before co-creating ideas and concepts with stakeholders from within your organization.

Accelerate your Idea

Rapid Prototyping


We specialize in rapid prototyping of digital products - making sure to always deliver tangible and touchable results. In order to test an idea quickly, we always integrate user testing in our agile development process.

Once an idea has formed, we staff a small team of software engineers, designers and - if needed - additional resources and develop a prototype within days to weeks. Prototypes help in quickly testing features and product ideas and form a great base for decision-making.

Iterate quickly

MVP Development


A Minimum Viable Product is much more than a prototype. With a Minimum Viable Product it is possible to gather feedback from customers or users in order to test hypotheses and assumptions about your product, the market and business model.

This can only be achieved, because a Minimum Viable Product is the minimum version of your complete product, that is deemed market-ready. This way it enables the customer or user to get the full relevant experience of the product.

Innovation means Change

Digital Transformation


Coined by the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus: “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”. This often quoted sentence can be fully adapted to today’s ever changing world. Businesses have to evolve and we want to support by instg an innovation mindset in your company.

In Digital Transformation we focus on the corporate culture through leadership coachings holding team dynamics workshops and technology trainings.

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Strategic Experience meets Tech



At viable a team of seasoned Management Consultants, Corporate Innovators and Creative Agency Experts work on innovation challenges and combine their diverse backgrounds.

Experience in all fields enables us to deliver an End-to-End Service and accompany you from a fleeting Idea to the full-fledged Product.

Together with a strong network in the creative industry and startup scene, we are always able to include relevant experts with the right skills into our projects.

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We love digitalisation, we love challenges, we love provocative questions. And we love people.

We are seeking out projects that push us further, in which we can inspire, create and innovate. If you would like to work with us on a project like that contact us anytime.