About us

Learn about our strong suits.

When Strategy Meets Innovation

End-To-End Consulting

A team of seasoned Management Consultants, Corporate Innovators and Creative Agency Experts decided to work on innovation challenges and combine their diverse backgrounds.

Experience in all fields enables us to deliver an End-to-End Service and accompany you from a fleeting Idea to the full-fledged Product.

Together with a strong network in the creative industry and startup network, we are always able to include experts with fitting skills into our projects.

Where we shine

Our Strong Suits

Corporate Innovation

Looking into starting a venture within your company? We have been there and have gathered learnings and best-practices.

Strategy & Management

Consulting backgrounds in major firms have taught us to think constantly think strategically when approaching new topics.

Creativity Methods

Combining creative methods with strategic consulting has been the most important differentiator in our work with innovation.

Diverse Backgrounds, Completive Competencies

Our Core Team

Forward-Thinking Experts & Talents

Meet Our Extended Team

By building a customized team for your individual project, we make sure to deliver high quality prototypes. We are convinced that creativity sparks, when heterogeneous groups come together and form a team. We facilitate and foster this process.

These are just a few fields of expertise, we have assembled an extended team in.

UX Designers


Product Managers


Online Advertisers

Game Designers

Behavioural Scientists

Software Developers

Information Architects

Thought Leaders

Data Scientists

TED Speakers

Augmented Reality
Behavioural Science
Industrial Design
User Research
Aline-Florence Buttkereit | AR & VR Specialist
Barbara Köhler | Designer & Illustrator
Rainer Matiasek | Projektmanagement Experte
David Pichsenmeister | Product Developer
Matilde Slotte | Creative Strategist
Richard Schweiger | Visual Content Creator & 3D Animation
Alexandra Millonig, PhD | Mobility Behaviour Scientist
Philip Reitsperger | Designer & Researcher
Niko Schwarz | UX & Industrial Designer
Iqbal Mohammed | Head of Strategy at Virtual Identity
Jan Heitger | Head of R&D at RE’FLEKT

... and many more!