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Our Blogseries: 13 reasons why agile transformations fail

Nodadays, many companies are experiencing difficulties to react to new circumstances in rapidly changing, dynamic environments. Technological innovations, unstable market conditions and changing customer requirements intensify the competitive landscape and increase the pressure on organizations. In the light of distruptive changes, fast and flexible adoption becomes a necessity. However, still 70-80% of transformations fail.

Failure #01

Unternehmen vergessen oftmals den wichtigsten Faktor eines Veränderungsprozesses: die Kultur. Agile Werte und Prinzipien können nicht einfach “implementiert” werden. Diese müssen gelernt, gelebt und zu einer Selbstverständlichkeit gemacht werden.

Failure #02 - will be published in August

Failure #03 - will be published in September


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