Interview Roman Lipski

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Hi Roman, could you introduce yourself?

My name is Roman Lipski, I’m coming from Berlin, I’m a painter. Since more than 2 years I developed an artificial intelligent muse with Florian Dohmann (art collective YQP, Birds on Mars).

Can you describe what it is you are doing with artificial intelligence?

For more than 2 years I have been engaged in a dialogue, as a painter with an artificial intelligent system. The task of this AI system and the goal of our co-operation is for it to support my creativity. I call it “the muse”, or “A.I.R.” which means Artificial Intelligence Roman. The AI-muse supports me in my creative process, although at the same time I, with my pictures as an answer, have some kind of an ongoing influence on the muse in order to further develop it, change it and make it better.

Roman Lipski
So it’s like give and take?

Yes, give and take, exactly.

What exactly are you giving this artificial intelligence?

AI is a kind of creative input that supports only the mental process. I don’t have neither the robots who would paint instead of me, nor the machines. It’s rather that a program in a short time creates unbelievably many combinations based on my own art specifically. They serve as a vast inspiration source for me.

Moving more into the field of innovation in general. What is innovation to you?

Innovation for me is the progress, improvement, searching for and finding the new solutions to an extent or in a way that have never been done before.

So, something completely new?

Yes, as far as it’s possible. So, of course, it is based on the culture, classical things, developments that has already been done, but rather with a new quality. A new development that should contain something original, notable, and also really be handy in a way nobody has researched or experienced so far.

Is that something that really fascinates you about innovation? Or can you maybe describe what exactly fascinates you about innovation?

To move beyond the boundaries. In the art, it is generally fascinating to question everything. Questioning everything is also the prerequisite of art, so this is only one part of the fascination.The second part, in terms of the innovation thinking is to move forward with a free mind, to be confident and art oriented, as well as to find new possibilities for the problems people face and new answers to the questions people ask themselves.

How do you find innovation within your daily routine?

When I work, then I mostly try, in principle, to be honest, hardworking, and follow one idea consequently. I’ve already said honesty, I mean that’s this type of authenticity going from your heart, when you stick to yourself and don’t follow the trends. That is something very important to me. And vice versa, being or becoming a trendsetter is something that excites me.

And what if innovation does not happen? What can be a barrier to innovation?

In my understanding barriers for innovation happen with creative crises. It’s human nature. You can reach your own limits. Since I work with the AI, it happens to me quite rarely.

How do you educate yourself on innovation? How do you make sure that you are always on track and that you can develop your Muse further?

Originally, it happened by chance. I have always been into new technical things, and I’m mostly always open for new trends and solutions, or the interesting things happening in tech. Actually, I accidentally met Florian Dohmann. He brought the principle of the AI closer to me. Together with him we developed the muse and he still accompanies its development. Moreover, he also always approaches me and surprises me with new developments, solutions and opportunities.

So, he is like a personal ideologist with whom you started to work?

We complement each other very well and form a good team. His know-how and my art create an exciting symbiosis between art and science.

Do you have a favorite example of great innovation?

No, you see, there are some people, like Musk, who are doing cool things. I don’t really want to name some separate projects, there are so many new things, some are smaller, and some are bigger. However, what totally impresses me are the people, who have dreams, capabilities and courage to make the dreams come true.

Thank you, Roman!