User Personas & Value Proposition

Bundestheater-Holding GmbH


Austrian Federal Theatres is Austria’s largest theatre organisation. Burgtheater, Wiener Staatsoper, and Volksoper Wien belong to Bundestheater-Holding, 100%-owned by the Republic of Austria. The enforced standstill during the pandemic put the arts and culture industry in unprecedented challenges, which led to an accelerated digital transformation. Along with this came the need for a better understanding of the wants and pains of existing and potential future customers in the ticket purchasing process, which is now more important than ever. Thus, the task at hand was to put the customers “on stage” and establish this above-mentioned awareness of general customer needs as well as preferences regarding digitalized ticketing systems.


viable conducted several interviews with stakeholders and used these insights to establish hypotheses on existing and potentially new customers during joint workshops. These hypotheses were further utilized to develop interview guidelines, tailored to different customer groups. While conducting these customer interviews, valuable insights on their motivations, needs and preferences were collected. In the following, this multitude of information was condensed and used to develop detailed User Personas, Customer Journeys as well as Value Propositions. Ultimately, these findings laid the ground for an ideation session to compile functionalities for a new ticketing system.

What They’re Saying

"This project with viable has been more joy than actual work. Their professionalism, their skills and heartwarming communication makes you want to start the next project right away."

Mag. Magdalena MenheereKonzernkoordination Ticketing