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For many companies, innovation starts with a product or a service. From there we though need to include innovation into our processes in order to effectively work on them within the organization.

In our opinion, transforming an organization into an innovative company does though take more - a mindset change. Re-orienting a whole organization towards innovation is a difficult and long task. A company’s transformation needs to start at differnet vantage points in order to spread through the organizations. This is why we have put a series on Trainings and Leadership Coachings together.

Strategy meets Coaching

Experienced Trainers support your process


Monika Hoffmann

  • Background in Strategic Management Consulting
  • MBA Harvard Business School
  • Trainer in Group Dynamics Coachings at Lanzdorf Akademie
  • Existential Coaching Education

“Creativity needs room. For us it is important to create the atmosphere and environment, in which our teams can harness their skills and really utilize their talents. Only by focusing on these factors first we can guarantee high quality solutions for our clients.

- Monika Hoffmann, Managing Partner at viable

A combination of skills and mindset

Understanding Technology and Trends

We also see ourselves as a resource for establishing a sustainable process of working with new product development within your teams.

Therefore we don’t only offer leadership coachings, but also trainings and workshops regarding Agile Development, Technology Trends and Lean Startup Approaches.

Blockchain Tech Intro

A crash course in technological insight and economic potential about the Blockchain technology and its use cases. This training makes sure your employees are equipped with enough skills in order to make decisions about pursuing opportunities in the market.

Augmented Reality Use Cases

AR, VR, MR? In this workshop we are dissecting those technical terms and make sure you understand the industry. You will have identified concrete use cases for your company and leave with knowledge about the most important companies and players.

Innovation Culture & Leadership

What does it take to build a truly innovative team? The Innovation Culture Training is a communication and creativity training helping your employees to adapt an innovative mindset. The training will facilitate collaboration by addressing conflicts and challenges during a change process.

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