Raiffeisen Bausparkasse


Raiffeisen Bausparkasse provides mortgage loans to their clients. These loans require a lot of paperwork, especially when it comes to documents that the client has to provide for his risk assessment. The problem was, that the client did not know what documents were required and therefore, the bank advisor had to ask multiple time for documents that were not yet provided. This back and forth was very time-consuming and exhausting for both, the client and the advisor.


viable conducted a detailed market analysis and interviewed various stakeholders. Based on these interviews, different value propositions and customer experience maps were generated. This step unveiled the pain point of collecting documents on both sides. As a next step, an open ideation was organized followed by designing a concept for the most promising ideas. Raiffeisen Bausparkasse decided to go with the DokuBox, which was then developed as an MVP by a Scrum-Team of viable.


Starting with a few data entries about the financing project itself, the user receives an individualized list of documents that are required in the process. The client can take pictures of the documents or select files and upload them directly to the DokuBox. The interface is both, stylish and very intuitive to use. Once all required documents are uploaded, the client can send them directly to the Raiffeisen advisor. Thus, the client as well as the advisor are optimally prepared for the first consultation at the Raiffeisen branch.