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We support you in evaluating your idea on the market
The greater the added value for the user, the more successful the product is. But how can you estimate the added value? We will be happy to support you in this. We test the market attractiveness of your business idea with thousands of potential customers - quickly and easily!
It's true
Over 40% of all new ideas fail due to a lack of product market fit. We give you security, because big decisions are best made with a good feeling... and on the basis of solid data!

4 steps to a promising idea

Step 1

Your idea selection

Together we select one or more ideas that we want to test with a group of potential end customers. If desired, we will test how best to market your idea. Which value propositions are suitable? How do potential customers want to be addressed? We find this out accurately through multivariate testing. If necessary, we can also develop the value propositions in an Ideation Session. In addition, we offer a 360-degree check and analyse comparable offers and services on the market.

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Step 2

Start preparation

With your support, we will jointly develop a tailor-made analysis concept including target group, schedule and media plan for the optimal approach.

The targeting is based on the profiles and search behaviour of your target group(s).

We are also happy to design the online presence of your idea ("landing page or microsites of your idea") including A/B/n testing and analytics integration.

You decide if and which branding the online presence of your idea should carry.

Step 3

Let's do it!

The race for the best idea begins: with a targeted performance marketing campaign we attract the attention of real customers over a few days. We constantly analyse the user flows and constantly adjust the campaign to optimise the conversion rates. Customers who are interested in your idea can contact you later by e-mail.

If you wish, you can follow the progress of your market validation in real time via a web-based reporting dashboard!

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Step 4

The winner is determined

The results are in! With a comprehensive analysis we present you how promising your ideas are. The comparison with relevant benchmarks such as conversion rates, cost-per-lead & Co. puts the test results into the right context.

Now you can start with a good feeling and bring the winner to the market.

If you wish, you can also test the exact design of your winning idea with us in a further round.

Demo Report
We will be happy to provide you with a personal offer on request. If you are working with us for the first time, you will also benefit from a one-off discount. We would like to convince you of our quality!
What our customers say about us

"To develop something innovative in a large, traditional company, you need good arguments. Thanks to this offer, we had a well-founded report with exact data on our potential customers within a few days. This helped us to sharpen our business case and discuss it with the board of directors".

Innovation management, large logistics company, Austria

"viable offers the possibility to test concepts easily and quickly with real customer data. Thanks to the rapid validation, we were able to improve our product even before it went live and focus more on our customers".

Business Unit Manager, International Banking Company, Eastern Europe

"As a start-up founder you are faced with many uncertainties. By investing in viable, we were able to minimize the risk of launching our product on the market and start with a good feeling."

CEO, VC-funded start-up, Germany