Innovation Consulting

Outsourcing Innovation.

Our Approach

Innovation Outsourcing

Our projects are based on a strong belief, that certain parts of innovation should be outsourced and then re-integrated. Our Innovation Consulting approach includes 4 key phases.

  • Research & Discovery
  • Ideation
  • Concept
  • Prototyping


We accelerate your Innovation Processes.


How we foster innovation

Structuring Creativity

What if?

Innovating includes taking risk, but we are specialists in structuring processes and facilitating ideation and brainstorming by proven creativity and innovation methods.

We use the “Provocations” concept. Developed by Edward de Bono this is a method which focuses on paradox interventions. It is designed to make our brains abandon linear ways of thinking and open our minds for different directions.

Formulated as “What if…?”, we strive to find the right provocations based on your strategic challenges.

All too often, a corporate innovation initiative starts and ends with a board meeting mandate to the CEO followed by a series of memos to the staff, with lots of posters and one-day workshops. This typically creates 'innovation theater' but very little innovation. 

— Steve Blank, Entrepreneur and Founder of the Lean Startup Movement

Strategy & Tech

Business Modelling

Our Innovation Projects don't end with creative concepts or technological prototypes. We always keep an eye on the strategic topics within our projects. We focus on business models as we analyze your industry and deep-dive into your market during our projects.

We make sure that our prototypes are backed up by business models which can be integrated into your ecosystem. Our team consists of experienced Management and Strategy Consultants, which is why we accompany you from creative idea generation to actual business implementation and rollout.

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