Invacare's products support elderly and physically impaired people to manage their every-day life actively and independently. Among them there are several mobility solutions that assist people who have difficulties walking long distances. The aged generation particularly enjoys theses scooters and wheelchairs as they allow them to do shopping and to meet acquaintances all on their own. Now, Invacare aims to support these customers with digital features provided through an app.


Together with our partner Virtual Identity, viable was consulted to develop the UI/UX of this mentioned app which should bear the name "InvaHOME". In order to elaborate the necessary features, viable conducted two rounds of qualitative interviews with existing Invacare customers. First, we asked them about their customer needs. Based on these findings we developed UX prototypes. Focus lay on intuitve handling suited for a non-digital-native audience. Then, we cross-examined them yet again with the interview panel.


As a result, we developed a state-of-the-art UX prototype. It contains functions like a scooter state (for regular hardware services and software updates), a drive mode function (showing time and speed), a battery reminder and several useful push notifications.
As a next step, Invacare will develop this InvaHOME mobile app together with our partner Virtual Identity.

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