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First Things First: Understanding Our Customer 

To collaborate efficiently and create a strategy for lasting success, we first needed to really understand our customer and how the company is wired. Extensive interviews with different stakeholders helped us get a feeling for and insights into how oekostrom AG works. As a next step, we held several interactive workshops where we created hypotheses, questioned the status quo of the company on the market, and discussed key elements of every department. And voilà, we had created a solid base for our strategy review.

Values, Research & Trends: Determining Internal & External Factors 

Next, we needed to dig even deeper: The extensive analysis of vital business areas like production, trading, and distribution helped us work out the company’s strengths and enabled us to sketch the first draft of its potential future path. This only makes sense with a clear goal and destination in mind, so we also did some research on both the Austrian energy market and opportunities to expand abroad. The last ingredients needed for a solid first strategy draft were oekostrom AG’s strong values, which we also revisited, and current global market trends. 

A New Strategy To Future-Proof the Company 

How do you get from a draft to a final, well-conceived strategy? By way of continuous iterations featuring stakeholders from all departments, of course. In the end, this final version was presented to and reviewed by the company’s supervisory board. A collaboration with FINGREEN made sure that the strategy was top-notch material also from a financial perspective and would serve as a solid quantitative base for the future. We’re happy to report that the supervisory board signed off on the new strategy, thereby allowing oekostrom AG to strike a new path and get ready for a competitive and exciting future.


oekostrom AG produces and supplies electricity from renewable energy sources and is actively committed to providing an ecological, sustainable energy supply for heating and mobility. Founded in 1999 out of the anti-nuclear movement, the company is now Austria's largest independent energy service provider. Its motto "Doing the right thing—in terms of a future based on renewable energy" makes oekostrom AG an important driver of the energy transition. 

Services we provided:

Innovation Strategy

Performance Analysis
Project Management

Strategy Consulting

Market Research

oekostrom AG

A New Strategy To Remain a Strong, Resilient Player on the Energy Market 

oekostrom AG
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