User-centric Product Development

ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) refurbishes their digital offerings to reach new target audiences and satisfy existing customers.


The ORF sees potential in reaching new target audiences and satisfying existing customers with the ORF-Player, an online platform combining existing ORF online content as well as new offers.

In order to build the platform, user-centric product development is used and the product is built in Design Sprints. Together with the ORF-Player team, viable led a Design Sprint for a specific target group in order to develop a new online video based service.


With a user-centric product development approach, prototypes were developed in a Design Sprint. This methodology helps to focus on user needs by developing new products within a single week. It includes user need interviews on the very first day, which form the basis for the ideation and prototyping. On the last day users are invited to test the prototype and give feedback.

To ensure valuable outcomes it is important that a diverse team is built for sprints. In this case the team was comprised by a group of ORF employees with skills in different technical, journalistic and online media production areas. The goal of the sprint was to develop user-centric prototypes within 5 days. The direct user feedback improves not only the prototype but gives participants invaluable feedback on their personal work.

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