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Why Prototyping?

Talking to users is one thing. But actually watching them try out what you’ve deemed right is another. By quickly building a prototype of your ideas, you can instantly check user feedback. This practice helps in eliminating biases early on and improves decision-making processes.

The advantages of prototyping are:

  • You can involve user feedback early on
  • You save time and costs when developing early products
  • You enable communication and accelerate decision-making within your organization, as you have something tangible to show

Deliverables are tangible

Our Prototyping Components

Prototyping Process


We offer Prototyping-as-a-Service.

Our network of skilled and experienced developers, designers and product people are able to quickly build a prototype according to your requirements. You can see us as your outsourced product team for the period of the prototyping phase.



Similarly important is the user testing with the prototype. Adhering to Agile Development practices we test each and every feature during the prototype development process. Furthermore we help in setting up a sustainable testing cycle for your own teams.