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The Groundwork for Short-, Mid- & Long-Term Goals 

A sound strategy is based on doing your homework—in our case, this meant a thorough analysis of puck’s users, its home market and competitors. We did everything necessary from user interviews with the target group to competitor and market trend analyses to workshops and research. Based on our findings, we came up with recommendations for different scenarios, from short- to mid- to long-term depending on the resources and time needed for their implementation. 

Breaking Out in a New Direction: Strategy 2.0 

This solid base allowed us to then present a brand-new strategic direction for the entire company and its digital product and service ecosystem. We developed a new revenue and business model, created a new product strategy including a clear feature matrix, assessed the underlying IT architecture and made suggestions for improvement, and outlined a new team setup that would allow puck to successfully implement this new strategy. 


puck is an Austrian company for property management, real estate development, and asset management that provides building managers, property owners, and also residents with a handy overview of anything related to handling the properties or living in their own four walls. The online platform and its associated software and mobile app offer easy-to-use administration and communication solutions.

Services we provided:

Product Consultancy 

IT Architecture Analysis & Definition 

Market & Trend Research 

User & Target Group Research 

Business Model Evaluation 

Business Case Building 

Strategy Evaluation 

Innovation Strategy 

Project Management 

User Interviews  

A Brand-New Strategy: From Product Strategy to Business Model to Team Setup 


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