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Understand your customers


Product School - Masterclass for teams

Join our full day training as a team to build better products and services for your customers.

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Identify room for improvement of your current offer.

Your product or offer is not performing? Knowing your target customer, which interests they have, where they are accessible and which message might attract them helps you to turn this situation around.

Successful products are built on user insights.

It’s not the idea you produce alone in your office, that’s loved by your customers. Building on your customers needs and relieving their pains is what separates you from the rest.

How well do you know your ideal customer profile?

Knowing your customer(s) is crucial for all activities driven by your company, whether it is about developing your offer further, winning new buyers or addressing them with the right message. We help you define and understand your ideal customer.

What are the benefits of having personas?

Customer Journey

How to create customer journeys

How to include them in future projects


Other ways customer journeys can be helpful in your work

Step 4


What to do with all the insights you gathered from your interviews

What makes a persona stand out


How to draft strong personas

Step 3


How to write an interview guide that is based on your hypotheses

How to ace your user interviews


How to plan and organize user interviews

Tips and tricks

Step 2


Why hypotheses are a crucial tool to understand your customers

Features of good hypotheses


Methods to generate and prioritize hypotheses

Step 1

What you will learn


In a 1-2 h kick-off, we'll define the foundation of our project. This includes our approach, shared tasks and other project related items. Together, we'll define your learning goals and specify the profile of our ideal test candidates. 

Step 1

Prepare Interviews

The goal is to understand your customer needs in depth: What moves them? What is their motivation? What are their needs and frustrations?


We recruit interview partners based on predefined criterias and define questionnaires for the qualitative customer surveys.

Step 2

Conduct Interviews

We conduct 15-20 interviews to gain broad insights into different customer groups. In addition, we conduct in-depth interviews (1-2 hours per interview) with 6-8 other people to get closer insights into the needs and the user journey.

Step 3

Analyze Data & Recommendations

The result is a representation of the different customer needs, pains etc. by using personas, user journey and value proposition canvas.

Step 4


How do we get there?

Know your customer



Teams up to 7 people


A full day - 8 hours


Remote or on-sight


5.000 € / team

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a persona?

Fictional characters based on research that help you understand the needs, pains and motivations of your users.

How many personas will I get?

There's no "one size fits all" answer. From past experience we know it usually results in 5-8 different personas.

How can I use personas?

They can be used to design new products / services or help improve existing ones by empathizing and understanding.

When is the right time to create a persona?

Ideally, you create them at the beginning of your project, but there's no harm if you develop your personas later.

How do you recruit interview candidates?

It's usually a mix of your existing customers and new customers. We're happy to help with the recruiting.

Can you help me convince my boss?

Sure! Just get in touch with us and we'll help you come up with the right arguments ;-)


What you get and what you pay

What you get

▶ Defined personas

▶ Understanding of your user needs

▶ Real customer insights

▶ Executive summary

▶ Recommendations

What you pay


24,000 € 

4,500 € Customer Experience Map (optional)

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