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Customer Value: More Certainty for Real Estate Purchases  

Buying a property usually comes with lots of stress, uncertainties, and question marks for our client’s customers. Is the price too high? Is it fair? Or even a good deal? Will I get a loan? So, we asked ourselves: How can we support them in the process of purchasing their dream home? And then came up with a way to lead them through the financing and mortgage jungle by offering trustworthy real estate evaluations in the blink of an eye. For free and with no strings attached. 

Real-Time Results for Informed Decisions 

With ImmoCheck, we developed a very intuitive and easy-to-use product for anyone looking to buy a property in Austria. Users just need to enter some key data about the real estate they want to buy, like property size and address. The online tool then relies on state-of-the-art technology and the latest market data to deliver a real estate evaluation within incredible 180 seconds. Based on the calculated value of the property, our client’s customers will know whether the indicated purchase price is reasonable, thereby gaining more confidence to make an informed decision. 

Reliable Evaluations & Valuable Connections 

Together with our client, we created a flow that leads its customers to a trustworthy real estate evaluation in the shortest and easiest way possible. The two big advantages: Potential buyers get a feeling of whether the indicated purchase price is appropriate. Plus, they can then download the evaluation result and get in touch with the bank to discuss potential ways of financing as well as details of the evaluation. Thus, the tool doesn’t only provide real-time value to the customers, but also to the bank—by establishing a valuable customer relationship. A real win-win situation. 


Raiffeisen Banking Group Styria is formed by independent regional Raiffeisen banking units and Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark as their central institution. Together, they develop and implement important projects for the future, offer services to private and corporate customers, and support real estate projects with anything from easy-to-use online tools to different financing options. 

Services we provided:

Project Management 

Project Ownership 

IT Architecture 

Frontend Development 

Backend Development 
UX Design 

UI Design 

Product Consultancy 

See it in action:
Raiffeisen ImmoCheck

ImmoCheck: Evaluate Real Estate Within 180 Seconds 

Raiffeisen Bankengruppe Steiermark 
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