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Phase 1: UI/UX Expert Analysis

Let's start the project off with the expert review...

Upon establishing the project's learning goals during the kick-off, we were able to focus on the appropriate areas during the expert review. Utilizing established usability heuristics, our team began evaluating the Rother app. Adopting the perspective of end-users, our UI/UX experts thoroughly examined the app in various scenarios to identify areas for improvement, as well as existing strengths.

Phase 2: User Testing

...but what do the users think?

In addition to the findings of our experts, we sought to gain further insight into the user experience with the Rother app. It has been shown that 85 % of core issues within an application can be identified through just 5 user tests. In accordance with this principle, we conducted user testing by speaking with both new and existing users. Through these interactions, we were able to identify pain points in the app's usage and gain valuable feedback on what functions are working well and which require further improvement.

Phase 3: Analysis & Final Presentation

What does all of this mean for freytag & berndt?

Following a thorough review of the app by our UI/UX designers and the collection of feedback from users, we were able to reach conclusions. It was immediately apparent that certain pain points were consistently identified by both our experts and the users, providing a solid foundation for our analysis. Through clustering and structuring all the gathered information, we created a presentation, summarized our findings, and prioritized key areas for improvement in order to enhance the user experience.


freytag & berndt is an Austrian brand that specializes in the production of maps and travel guides. They are known for their high-quality and detailed maps, as well as their extensive range of travel guides for destinations around the world.

Services we provided:

UI/UX Expert Analysis

User Testing


Getting the best out of an app by gathering user and expert feedback. 

freytag & berndt UI/UX Analysis
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