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Bye Bye, Paper Chaos: Need for Speed & Organization 

Our client is operating in the highly competitive and rapidly changing banking industry, offering mortgage loans to its customers. While many banks provide end-to-end online consumer loans already, there is still a high demand for online services for mortgage loans. To actually get a mortgage loan, a myriad of different documents are needed—and usually, the customer has no idea which ones as this differs from bank to bank. Bummer. And what’s even worse: The process is equally exhausting for bank consultants, as they have to write several emails and wait for days until they have all the documents they need. So, what did we do? We turned pain into gain and created a real win-win situation for both customers and bank consultants by developing and implementing the so-called DokuBox. 

Easy As Pie & in Apple Pie Order 

The digital DokuBox feature immediately shows customers a list of all documents that are required for their specific financing request, whether it’s building a house or buying an apartment. Moreover, customers can easily upload the documents via drag & drop or even take pictures with their smartphones. Once this is done (all online, of course), customers choose a Raiffeisen branch office, a bank consultant, and a date for their first visit to the bank. In the meantime, the respective bank consultants receive all documents, neatly organized, and are optimally prepared for their meeting with the customer. Win-win! 


Raiffeisen Bausparkasse is part of Raiffeisen Banking Group and specialized in providing tailor-made financing solutions, and maintaining and improving living spaces in Austria. As a market leader, the institution also offers customers mortgage loans to build, buy or renovate and make their housing dreams come true. 

Services we provided:

Project Management 

Project Ownership 

IT Architecture 

Frontend Development 

Backend Development 

UX Design 

UI Design 

Product Consultancy 

Raiffeisen Dokubox

DokuBox: From Pain to Gain for All Parties 

Raiffeisen Bausparkasse 
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