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Cultural Transformation
We create an atmosphere, that enables innovation
We work together to create an open, trusting atmosphere that enables excellence and innovation. Numerous studies prove that "psychological safety" is the decisive factor for a high performing team. Cultural transformation always begins with personal behavior.
  • We surface the underlying motivation for change and analyze the repetitve patterns within a team to get a clear picture of the current situation
  • In 1-2 individually designed workshops of 1-2 days each, we work at the intersection between the content level (company, strategy) and the personal level (relationships within the team, own behavior)
  • We create the space in which it is possible to address unnamed conflicts and learn from appreciative feedback based on observable behavior
  • We ensure goal-orientation through a clear commitment to measurable, observable goals for the team and each individual
  • We support the team in individual and group coachings implementing the defined measures and learning from the insights of the implementation

The functional cooperation within the team is clearly agreed. Conflicts are addressed in the here and now. We learn from the open, appreciative feedback of others.
Personal Growth Hacking
How to get and utilize genuine feedback from your team.
You want to grow. There is no one that observes you and your behavior more closely than your team. This makes them the best source for your personal growth. In a workshop format you will learn how to tap into this source.
Understanding different business cultures
Increase the awareness and sensibility for the complexity on the other side. Learn how to recognize, understand and deal with different business cultures and processes. Collect experience recognizing atmospheres and setting interventions to turn the stage.
Generate new and innovative products!
You can’t win with an average product. That’s why we are always seeking
new perspectives and answers for the future.