Digital Banking

We build digital user-centric products for the financial industry.

Automated mortgage loan application

Through the fully automated mortgage loan application financial institutions achieve process & cost efficiency. For end-customers it is a fast, convenient, and reliable product.

  • Stand-alone or fully integrated – we implement digital products independently as stand-alone solutions or integrated into your existing tools & services
  • Modular or end-to-end – we develop products for you and your end-customers as individual modules or as a complete end-to-end journey
  • Market approved – our digital products are successfully implemented in the market and available to end-customers online
  • Regulatory requirements fulfilled – we have experience with regulatory requirements of financial institutions and fulfil them with our products

1. Digital Lead Generation

  • Financing calculator – with just a few entries, end-customers get quickly and easily to the calculated financing amount and monthly rate.
  • Real estate valuation – end-customers gain security when deciding on a property. In a matter of seconds they get the calculated property value.
  • and many more

2. End-to-end Digital Home Financing

  • End-customers get a fast, credible, transparent financing offer & decision all digital without leaving their house.
  • We automate the digital process of:
    • accounts-, documents-, and credit check
    • calculating the financing offer
    • identification of customers
    • property rating

3. Digital post-processing

  • Automated-documentation – end-customers are automatically reminded to document the construction progress in a timely manner and to send both, invoices, and photos to the bank via smartphone or PC.
  • Automated payment process – if the upload fulfills all requirements the payment process can be triggered automatically.
  • Cost reduction – the automatic transmission of digital account statements reduces costs for your financial institution.

4. Omni-channel

  • Video consulting – the finance expert in your own living room. End-customers can make an appointment online and get personal advice from the comfort of their own home.
  • Exit-to-the-bank – adapted to individual needs, we combine digital and offline sales channels. This enables a seamless transfer of information.
  • Chat – for urgent questions, end-customers have the possibility to chat with a banking advisor in every stage of the process.

In 4 months end-to-end fully automated & implemented

Scale up your project

In order to be prepared for the future, we are your partner for

  • Robotic process automation
  • AI supported credit rating
  • Topics evolving around the fulfilment of ESG requirements

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