Strategy Review

oekostrom AG


When thinking of producers and distributors of ecologically sustainable energy, oekostrom AG is a household name. Even though the company was one of the earliest participators in the transition towards more sustainable energy in Austria, new market dynamics can still represent difficulties. Among other factors, changing market surroundings and an increase in the number of competitors can pose potential risks if not approached appropriately. Analyzing these potential threats, the current state of oekostrom AG within the market, as well as creating a future outlook and overview of specific strategic possibilities was the task at hand.


viable conducted multiple workshops with oekostrom AG in order to set a clear scope, create valid hypotheses of the company and market, as well as to establish a common understanding of its mission. Based on this, detailed analyses of the Austrian energy market, competitors, oekostrom AG itself and foreign markets that represent attractive opportunities for future expansion, were performed. After summarizing all relevant findings, an ideation process helped to unveil how new strategic directions could help navigate these changing market dynamics.

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What They’re Saying

viable gave us important impulses for the further development of oekostrom AG during our strategy review. A major step in accelerating our growth curve was a capital increase, for which viable supported us with the development of the equity story. We were so successful with it, that the capital increase was placed in no time at all and was even significantly oversubscribed.

Dr. Ulrich StreiblSpokesman of the Management Board