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Identifying Blind Spots: Perception vs. Reality

There’s often a gap between a company’s perception and the actual customer experience. Our solution? Extensive user interviewing and testing. First of all, we needed to really understand how our customer’s product, a blood glucose tracker supported by a mobile app, works. Then, we hosted several workshops to learn where users potentially feel lost to identify blind spots and define learning objectives. Based on these, we created interview guidelines for user testing to generate the necessary insights. 

Bringing Light into the Darkness: User Testing 

Next up: some groundwork to set up a professional testing environment. This includes contacting candidates, scheduling interviews, and sending out onboarding material as well as test devices. After the testing period, we paved the way for an in-depth analysis later on by conducting 1-hour interviews with the participants to get and document their insights as well as our findings. 

Feedback Is a Gift: Ready to Take Action 

And then? We were left with lots of feedback and information that needed some structuring to find answers to our previously set learning objectives. After plowing through all the data, we analyzed, categorized, and prioritized all feedback to lay the base for a project closing workshop with our customer. That wasn’t all, though. To offer added value, we also derived specific actions and prepared suggestions for new features, content, and UX adaptations to improve the overall customer experience. All neatly listed in a handy document, of course. 

Hello Inside

HELLO INSIDE is a scientific self-care company empowering people to have data-driven conversations with their bodies so they can unlock their best selves. The company's mission is to lead a new self-care movement that’s data-driven, truly personalized, and rooted in science. 

Services we provided:

UX Research 

Product Consultancy 

User Research & Testing 

User Interviews 

Hello Inside

Inside the Customer Experience: How to Really Think Like a User 

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