We accompany our customers from the development of a small idea to a fully integrated digital solution that is deeply embedded in the customer’s technical systems and organization. While capturing the end-customer perspective and business goals, we remain holistically focused on the impact of the implementation. No matter if the whole route or only a small part of it is considered.


Market and business analysis Together with you, we develop a clear view of your business, your services and the organization behind them. In comparison with your competitors and international trendsetters, we identify opportunities and potentials.

  • Competitor analysis, trend scouting and expert interviews
  • Performance analysis of existing services and products
  • Impact analysis: business and organization
  • Interviews with stakeholders and existing customers


Innovation and ideation We make new customer perspectives visible. From the needs and experiences along the customer journey, we develop starting points for services that create value.

  • In-depth interviews and motive exploration
  • Presentation of customer journeys and value propositions
  • Idea generation and design sprints
  • Validation of starting points


Product conception and development We make ideas quickly tangible with agile methods: from Minimum Viable Product to multi-tenant service, we develop digital products with added value with you.

  • User story mapping as a product sketch
  • “Proof of Concept” with Click Dummies and User Experience Testing
  • Minimum Viable Products to learn as fast as possible and create added value for the client
  • Integration into existing software architecture


Optimization and scaling We accompany product launches with an analytical eye, learn jointly for further development and operate highly available, fast-growing services.

  • Tracking and user analysis with clear targeting
  • Introduction of reporting with real business impact
  • Derivation and implementation of marketing and optimization measures
  • Maintenance and operations


Investment in team performance yields the biggest returns Imagine a leadership team whose members fully trust each other.

The team makes or breaks a successful business. Trust and open, honest communication are the base for any high-performing team. Benefit from our outside perspective and experience to take your leadership team to the next level— the relationship level. That’s where the magic happens. With leadership coaching tailored to your needs, we help your team grow together to grow your business.

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