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Tapping into the Unknown

Our Approach


Innovating in uncharted fields can be risky and stressful. We believe that we can create a room for creativity by breaking down the restrictions of traditional teamwork and can set up a framework for people to flourish and execute brilliant ideas.

Wading into the unknown becomes a fruitful and safe process, as we focus on assembling a perfect heterogenous team of experts and advanced thinkers for your company's challenge. Those teams manage to freely innovate digital services, guided by your use cases and pain points along the way.

For a couple of weeks, we deep-dive into the unknown encircling your organisation and products and deliver a prototype.

How we prototype

Our Project Setup

Based on agile development processes, we are structuring our projects into so-called "sprints". Project phases, of which each has a distinct and presentable goal. By adhering to this process, we make sure that we can regularly checkin and involve your team and company into the development process.

This way we can also leverage the key competencies of experts, we are bringing in. Our projects are divided into 4 phases. In total we try to keep a full prototyping project to 4-6 weeks.

1. Observe & Understand

The Preparation & Research Phase.

2. Ideate & Analyse

The Creativity & Innovation Phase.

3. Prototype

The Creation & Just-Do-It-Phase.

4. Test

The Constant Iteration & Improvement Phase.

What you can expect

Our Main Ingredients


Our Core Team has a strong background in team and innovation coaching. By creating atmospheres where creativity can flow freely, we can guarantee a project’s success even by combining freelancers and experts who have never worked together before.

After each step in our Prototyping Process, we set up a workshop with stakeholders from your teams and your company. In this setting we present deliverables of the phase and co-create together. This is important in order to synchronise expectations and resonate on the direction our ideas and prototypes are heading into.

We keep the permanent team members, who are working and prototyping on your product very slim. Using the startup approach of going for key competencies needed in digital product development, we choose a tight team. This also allows us to bring in experts in different fields for a few days or hours in order to create maximum heterogeneity. Therefore we can incorporate a broad array of perspectives into the ideation and developing process.

Our strong network in diverse creative fields and industries ensures quick staffing and allocating of resources for your individual projects with distinct requirements. As a Core Team we have a broad overview and deep understanding of state of the art technologies, which is important for choosing the right specialists and experts for individual questions and challenges.

Topics that keep us up at night

Our Fields


Coaching meets Consulting

Our Team


By combining backgrounds in consulting and coaching, we excel at delivering professional projects. We believe that newly formed teams can work together efficiently when equipped with the right mindset and tools.

Through international experience in various consulting projects, we have mastered processes and execution, but only through the addition of our human-centric focus we can assure that individuals and teams strive in new environments when faced with difficult challenges.

It's Time To Talk

We love digitalisation, we love challenges, we love provocative questions. And we love people.

We are seeking out projects that push us further, in which we can inspire, create and innovate. If you would like to work with us on a project like that contact us anytime.